Business Process Outsourcing

TBMG has a vast array of outsource services that can scale and improve business processes and help businesses run at their most efficient capacity. TBMG has helped streamline multiple companies in multiple industries to relieve workload bottlenecking and reduce labor costs without sacrificing quality of work. Increase your service portfolio and revenue by outsourcing with TBMG.

Construction Subcontracting Services

TBMG provides general contractors with subcontractors to fulfill all trade needs for big and small projects. We have a vast network across the U.S. of experienced and insured contractors that are assets to any residential or commercial property. Upload your plans and TBMG can provide painters, floor installers, concrete, drywall and ceiling, roofing and more for your next project.

Call Center Services

TBMG is a leading provider of call center outsourcing services. We have experience in providing voice, email and live chat support, lead generation, technical helpdesk and appointment setting services. We have diverse and experienced skilled call center agents and leading technology that will fit your industry needs. You can be assured that our call center outsourcing services will provide a boost to your sales, provide a cost-effective way to generate new leads, answer customer queries and help customers solve their technical problems. You can get all of this at a fraction of your current operating costs.


Staffing is the function of employee recruitment, screening and selection performed within an organization or business to fill job openings. Other areas of employment which may be handled by a staffing department are orientation, training, retention and termination. The staffing process is a systematic attempt to implement die human resource plan by recruiting, evaluating and selecting qualified candidates for the job-positions in the organization. Thus, like planning and organization, staffing is also an important function of management.

Software Development

Our software outsourcing services encapsulate structured IT processes and proven methodologies and guide you through the entire software development life cycle. These help us not only develop custom software applications, but also eliminate operational overheads and risks and reduce any complexities in software development. We provide a wide range of software services that include custom software development, mobile application development, software testing, software maintenance, website design and e-Learning solutions, among others. When you outsource your software services to TBMG, you can be sure of hitting the right target each time.

Photo Editing Services

With the increase in business operations, performing image editing tasks in-house can prove to be very difficult for you. It is wise to outsource such services to another company, which provides proficient imaging services at a reduced rate. TBMG provides high-quality photo editing services at a fraction of the costs that you are currently incurring for availing the same services. TBMG provides a host of outsourced image editing services such as Real Estate Image Processing Services, Raw Image Conversion Services, Photo Clipping Services, Portrait Services, Photo Manipulation Services, etc. Additionally, we hold vast expertise in color correction, path clipping, photomontage, image cropping, density/color/lens correction, adjusting shadows/brightness/contracts and more.

Healthcare Services

TBMG can provide you with comprehensive healthcare BPO customized to meet the needs of your practice. TBMG healthcare outsourcing services that you can easily consider outsourcing include Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Medical Claims Processing, Revenue Cycle Management, Medical Transcription, Medical Imaging or Teleradiology. Services such as these can put a lot of pressure on your healthcare practice leaving you with little time to spend on your business and patients.

Transcription Services

It is vital for businesses to focus on core areas and delegate transcription services to expert professionals. There are a plethora of transcription related services which need to be addressed professionally, and should be outsourced to a company like TBMG competent enough to manage the specialized transcription process. There can be many transcription needs, like transcribing ‘minutes of an important meeting’, or transcribing the speech of a company’s CEO, etc.; which when fulfilled, support major business operations and influence business decisions. Well-transcribed and error-free transcripts help companies conduct business activities without any hindrances.

Creative Design

Investing in creative outsourcing services can help you stay focused on core business activities without spending time on looking for ways to creatively market your services/products. Setting up an in-house team to handle writing, design or advertising can be more expensive than outsourcing; therefore outsourcing creative services to a reliable company like TBMG makes sense. TBMG provides high-quality services for Writing,Flash animation, Graphic Design, Magazine Layout, DTP, Scriptwriting, Video Editing, Animation, Printing or Film services. With content that can sell your products, ads that can market your brand, or designs that can appeal to your customers, you will be sure to see an increase in the number of customers inquiring for your services.

Engineering Services

We are a leading engineering outsourcing services provider and have successfully met the needs of our customers across 167 countries. With our expertise in mechanical, civil, architectural & structural engineering, you experience best engineering services that surpass your expectations.

You can get an expert and low cost  service for Conversion Services -2D Drafting Services – 3D Modeling Services – 3D Rendering Services – Virtual Staging Services – Structural Engineering Services – Structural Drafting Services – MEP & HVAC Design Services – MEP & HVAC coordination and 2D Drafting – 3D BIM Services – Structural Steel Detailing Services – SketchUp Services – Geospatial Services – Electrical Design Services – Electrical Instrumentation Services.

Data Entry Services

Small, midsize and large enterprises can equally benefit from data entry outsourcing services. A sharp increase in your company’s performance and a reduction in time and money are just a few benefits that come with outsourcing. TBMG data entry outsourcing service can give your business a competitive edge. We can provide you with speedy data entry of handwritten/printed documents, build an easy-to-use database, convert data from old paper files, scan your hard copies into electronic formats and even index your documents. You can avail of all these services at a fraction of your operating cost! Our team of experienced data entry operators can successfully meet your data entry, data conversion, data processing, OCR, scanning or indexing requirements.

Finance & Accounting

Outsourcing accounting services can be beneficial for your business in more ways than one. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a full-time/ part-time bookkeeper or tax preparer; and need to pay only for the services you use while getting all the advantages of a bookkeeping firm. TBMG is a provider of financial accounting outsourcing services that can provide you with fast and accurate Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation, Payroll Processing or Financial Analysis. With TBMG as your bookkeeping partner, you need not have any concerns about data security, as stringent security measures have been taken to ensure the confidentiality of your data.

Insurance BPO Services

Insurance industry is highly competitive and global Insurance providers/carriers and Insurance agencies are looking for ways to get a distinctive edge over their competitors and market their products more effectively and efficiently in less time and cost. At TBMG, we offer comprehensive solutions in the Insurance business process outsourcing domain that fit all insurance offshoring requirements, like Property and Casualty Insurance, Life Insurance, Claims, Administration Policy Administration, and more. Our services cater to global insurers including insurance carriers and agents, and help them save on cost, and focus on their business needs. We understand the pain points of our clients and have a specialized team that can take care of all Insurance outsourcing requirements including insurance cancellation with ease. 

Mortgage Services

TBMG can offer you a range of services such as mortgage lead generation, mortgage loan processing support, loan acquisition, mortgage verification services, mortgage processing support, mortgage servicing as well as services for title search companies. You need not have any fear about the confidentiality of your information, as we have taken stringent security measures to ensure the complete privacy of your data. Investing in mortgage outsourcing services can put an end to piles of paperwork and help you focus more on your customers.

Procurement & Sourcing Service

TBMG provides outsource purchasing services that organizes and streamlines the buying process. We also offer state of the art procurement technology to provide the best price from experience suppliers. TBMG not only will provide quality purchasing service but also reduce cost and streamline the procurement process to make it more efficient.

Trust the industry leader

TBMG is an innovative industry leader in the business process outsourcing industry and continues to help companies minimize cost by providing full-service outsourcing services that can be vital to a company’s growth and overall success.

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